Our Name
Your Outcome

Our purpose is to deliver clear and commercially
valuable research and consultancy to your business


Clarity Strategic Research was formed in June 2009. We derive satisfaction from seeing our clients succeed.

We provide clear thinking

We identify the key issues and make sure they are addressed

We determine the right approach

We are not wedded to a specific methodology. Your business challenge determines our approach

Results everyone can understand

Outputs suited to all in your business – not just the research team

We offer clear direction

We do not sit on the fence, we provide strong recommendations and clear direction


We guarantee only director level resource from start to finish. We provide a blend of big agency credentials, capabilities and experience with small agency flexibility, passion and hunger

Our aim is to deliver great value on a number of levels:

We work fast and efficiently on your projects

We are flexible in our approaches and what we deliver – we are not ‘just’ qualitative or quantitative practitioners

We are independent and not beholden to a parent company or their demands


We realise our offer must be flexible to maintain relevance to our clients in changing times.

We regularly undertake conventional market research studies using:

Qualitative Approaches – such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, workshops, co-creation sessions
Quantitative Approaches – such as online, telephone and face to face interviews
Desk Research – information gathering for customer or competitor intelligence

Increasingly, we are undertaking less conventional market research studies:

Big Data Analysis – making sense of the masses of data our clients accrue over time
On-Site Consultancy – in-situ observations and intercepts of businesses and consumers
Research Audits – reviewing studies undertaken by clients – pulling together key insights / themes and making recommendations on what’s next
Pure Consultancy – advice and guidance for clients self-administered projects (i.e. Survey Monkey)