This statement details our commitment and dedication to protecting the privacy of individuals whose information we use in the course of our business.

Clarity Strategic Research regularly conducts market research to support our clients, in the course of this research we may collect personal information from research participants.

We are committed to respecting the privacy and the protection of personal information in our possession. All of our market research activities are conducted in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the AMSRS. Additionally, any and all personal information collected is done so in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles, and the Privacy Act.

The information research participants provide will be treated as confidential, and will be used only for research purposes. Individual responses (either named, or in any way which is identifiable) are never reported back to clients, unless with express permission from the research participant.

The co-operation of research respondents remains voluntary at all times and is critical to our business, and the research industry as a whole. No personal information will be sought without prior knowledge and consent. Respondents are entitled to withdraw at any stage of the research process, and / or to request that part or all of their information be excluded from analysis.

We will not mislead participants about the nature or purpose of the research or how findings will be used. Nor will we send unsolicited mail or pass respondents’ details onto any other party.

If you have further queries regarding our Privacy Statement or require details of our Privacy Policy please contact the team at Clarity Strategic Research.