Small Business
Big Results

Pave your way to success with proven research
methods specific to small business.


“In today’s complex and fast-moving world, what we need even more than foresight or hindsight is insight.”

Have you ever wanted to do research, but not known where to start or thought it costs too much? We can help! 

We are a small business ourselves

We understand and can relate to the challenges and opportunities you encounter every day

Our expertise and experience demonstrates that smart research and consultancy can help

That’s why we have developed a range of research services specifically aligned to the needs of small business


Our approach is designed to support your business flexibly and allow you to respond to an ever-changing market.


We love working closely with our clients – in genuine partnership and as an extension of your team. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and outline the most appropriate research and the benefits it can deliver.


We can improve your existing research, ensuring you are asking the right questions of the right people – achieving better results. No more badly designed questionnaires, leading questions or poor targeting. Do more good than harm with expertly designed research.


There is a wide array of data and information available to businesses – from multiple sources, ‘Big Data’ and complex analytics.
In a world of information overload we can help you understand what’s important, what it means for you and how to use it to drive success.

Run Projects

And of course, we also provide more traditional ‘full-service’ research solutions (qualitative and quantitative methodologies)
Our solutions are pragmatic, agile and affordable – and always tailored to your needs.


Book a free consultation with one of our team to discuss your needs and see how a market research plan for your business can drive more sales and continued success. Nothing is too big or small, too complex or simple.